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What Parents Are Saying

Erin’s class is one of the rare spaces where my (very spirited) 3-year-old slows down. Seeing her connect with her body is so beautiful and she leaves each class with a sense of calm. We’ve begun using the songs and movement at home as a way to calm down or cope with big feelings. 

- Emily O.

This yoga class was so sweet and put my son immediately at ease. My 18 month toddler is usually running wild but the class was so engaging he sat in my lap the entire time, participating in the poses. It’s a wonderful experience for both parent and child. 

- Caitlin M.

I was afraid I’d be in over my head solo with two toddlers, but the songs movement and storytelling kept them engaged and with me on the mat the whole class. It felt like I’d reached the light at the end of the tunnel as a twin mom! It was surprisingly relaxing and I can’t wait to go back.

- Parent of Twins

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Erin Givarz, MSW, is a locally certified yoga instructor, childcare provider, mom and parent educator trained in children's play therapy. She owns Waves of Childhood, a small business focusing on the emotional wellness of young children under 6, their families & their community. We currently offer preschool yoga programs, toddler & parent yoga classes, and educator/parent workshops centering on neuroscience and empathy-based approaches to help manage the challenges of & understand the science behind toddler behavior.

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Bring your toddler(s) to sing, move, and play in this outdoor 30 minute parent & child yoga class. We will combine yoga poses with engaging songs, breath, & relaxation.

There are NO expectations that your toddler fully participate in this class - some children at this age prefer to watch quietly or move in their own way. The most important thing is the quality time between you and your child(ren) - and if they see you participate they will be encouraged to join in, too! No yoga experience necessary.

If you need to contact me for any reason, please email me at or text me at 636-236-1525.

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Photos by Natalie Parmenter

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